Monday, April 11, 2005

Met a few more ...

... bloggers yesterday. Yazad had suggested the Cafe Coffee Day at Dadar as the venue for this get together. Dadar was a good location as it was sort of equidistant for all of us from our respective places. Last time, the meet was in North Bombay; not quite a pleasant location for somebody like me who lives in the southern most point of Bombay! Cafe Coffee Day at Dadar lacked one thing though! Five hours of chitchatting would have been more enjoyable otherwise! [Note: One thing that you quickly learn from Amit & Co -- PJ's, PPJ's and P+iJ's.]

I had met Amit and Yazad in the February get together. Apart from them, there were Aadisht, Anand (S. Anand - I found out that we have more things in common than the name), Arnab, Nandan, Ravikiran, Saket, and Sameer. Altaf and Zainaab were also there for some time, but they had to leave due to other engagements. There was a non-blogger too. It was really nice to have Chandrahas, who's Amit's colleague at Wisden, with us. [Thanks to Arnab, I could just cut and paste the links.]

Last time, Yazad and I were travelling back together, and we talked about many interesting topics, ranging from Bihar election results to some Number Theory. Yazad is somebody who's interested in several different things, and it's a pleasure to talk to him one on one. Coming back was very nice this time too as Chandrahas and I were heading in the same direction. I found our conversation very rewarding. I hadn't read his writings before. Now that I know him, I think I see it well why he admires the ability "to illuminate moving between the particular and the general". He seemed not interested in grand theorizing that fails to provide prototypical examples. Perhaps that's only natural for someone who believes that "the world not only is, but has always been, a fascinating and gorgeously complex place".

Ravikiran has two posts on yesterday's meet.

Update (April 14): Anand has posted a few photos of the meet.


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