Thursday, March 03, 2005

February bloggers meet

A few of us who keep a blog and based in Bombay got together last sunday. This is the third such meet, though it's the first time that I attend one. Amit and Yazad have interesting accounts of the meet. Read it here and here. There were seven of us there: Amit, Yazad, Veer, Gaurav, Sarika, Rahul, and myself.

I had never met a blogger before this meet. I find it tough to believe but that's the truth. In a way, I know the bloggers in my blogroll. I know a few of them even more as I had e-mail correspondences with them. But I guess real meeting is really different!

I'm happy that I went there. Thanks to Amit and Yazad for taking the initiative. It's nice to see the faces behind the words, and I hope to see more people in the future meets.


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