Tuesday, February 22, 2005

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  • Dilip D'Souza's Death Ends Fun has excerpts from Settlements and Shelter: Alternative Housing for the Urban Poor in Bombay, by Rudolf C Heredia for the Committee for the Right to Housing. The report is twenty years old, but nothing has changed in these twenty years as far as slum dwellers' plight is concerned, writes D'Souza. Dilip is doing an excellent job in digging out archival material and chronicling the current events.
  • Uma Mahadevan-Dasgupta is on a roll. Many interesting posts every day. Brief, to the point, posts; delightful read. Incidentally, she found Chetan Bhagat's novel interesting. Uma writes: "It was great fun. Could have done with a substantial amount of editing and syntactical smoothening, but there was a delicious vein of humour throughout which made the book very readable."
  • Amit Varma's India Uncut is another frequently updated blog. You can almost skip reading newspapers if you visit this site! We had some e-mail correspondence regarding a recent post @ India Uncut about the Annie Hall moment. Read it here.
  • Yazad Jal's new resolution: "I should [also] break out of my laziness and post a few reviews, especially of books I’ve read recently." Not an easy task, as his reading average is two books per week. One of the books Yazad is reading currently is Rajni Bakshi’s Bapu Kuti. Hope to see him reviewing that too. (Bapu Kuti is the name of the hut where Mahatma Gandhi lived while he was in Sevagram, Wardha. Here's a beautiful essay on related stuff by Ram Guha: 766 kilometres from somewhere. I had recently read Sudhir Kakar's novel Mira & the Mahatma, and my thoughts on that are here.)


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