Friday, February 18, 2005

Now who's cunning?

When Jeb Bush tries to protect us from negligent brown men, degenerate Locana and her fellow multiculturalists cry out, "racial profiling!" But this is standard political debate for the hollow Democrats of the Fifth Column, who respond to completely logical arguments with irrational name-calling. The statement 'Locana is one of the pathological National Public Radio set' is not a metaphor. It is a job description. The liberals of the liberal elite have become more wildly spiteful in their bloviating negativism than I could scarcely have imagined last week.

A leader not trying to take the war to Al-Sadr would be blatantly untrustworthy in the extreme.

Isn't Condoleeza Rice a more fitting recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize?

[R. Robot on Locana; link via Bad with titles]


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