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Valmik Thapar on Indian Wildlife Crisis

Valmik Thapar in his thought provoking column in the Indian Express writes that our national parks today have become an anarchic monster due to the sheer stupidity of those who create the rules that govern a Park and then those who enforce the same. For instance, the famous Bharatpur Bird sanctuary in Rajasthan is dying because of continued water scarcity.

    Look what happened to the World Heritage Site of Bharatpur National Park. Ridiculous decision-making created a dam on the river that supplied water to this wetland -- the river dried up, so did the best wetland in the world. The state fears opening the dam today because of people agitating and the law and order problems that will follow. So Bharatpur dies, turning from wetland to desert.
It saddens me to read about the plight of Bharatpur. Though I was never really into birdwatching, one of my best friends in school was so passionate about birds that I too started loving them. We had Salim Ali's books as references, but the real reference material was Induchoodan's book in Malayalam -- Birds of Kerala. [Induchoodan (1923-1992), whose real name is KK Neelakantan, was an English professor, whose love for birds and nature was infectious. He was the founder of Kerala Natural History Society (KNHS). My friend was in touch with him.] Around this time Suresh Elamon used to serialise small descriptions of butterflies that can be spotted in Kerala in Mathrubhumi, a Malayalam daily. We used to collect those articles. [I remember how happy I was when I first saw South India's largest butterfly -- the southern birdwing -- near my grandparents' house in Karivellur.] Our Malayalam teacher encouraged these activities by a few of us, and he took us to meet Sunderlal Bahuguna (of the Chipco movement) when he visited Calicut sometime in the mid eighties. We met Bahuguna at Advocate Namasivayam's (then president of KNHS) house. I think I was in the fifth standard then. I remember presenting him my drawing of a butterfly, which he appreciated very much.

Later in my college days, we had a "nature club". Our Zoology professor, Prof. Ramakrishnan Palat [I never did biology, I was/am a math student], was very interested in taking us to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. For two years we had also worked for a project (Western Ghats Biodiversity Project) of Madhav Gadgil. There were two friends from school days, with whom I'm still in touch, and several others with whom I'm not. One of them became quite famous later: Gopal Menon, the director of documentaries "Hey Ram: Genocide in the Land of Gandhi" and "Resilient Rhythms". In fact he did his first documentary when he was with us. I think it was titled "Yamam" (restraining), and this was about the destruction of the rain forests of Kerala.

Well, I was digressing, the original plan was just to link to Valmik Thapar's article. Thapar says India is facing its worst wildlife crisis after independence. This is his plea to those in power:

    Wake up chief ministers, forest ministers, bureaucrats; wake up Prime Minister -- this is the worst wildlife crisis since Independence. You chair the prestigious National Board of Wildlife that has not been convened for 17 months. Convene an emergency meeting without delay. Reform the finance departments. Reform your own political leaders. Reform the Forest Service (it is time to create an arm of this service only for our National Parks and permit transfers across states from one National Park to another). The present system stinks -- while the crisis boomerangs, Project Tiger and the MoEF are busy organising an international symposium in March to celebrate Project Tiger's 32 years! A disaster awaits to envelop the finest forests of our land.


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please help the wildlife in India, including tigers. I live in Canada it is so hard for me to do it from here. Do not let your home be robbed of all that is pure. Please.

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi , I am very much concerned in protecting my National animal, well the best help I believe is Financial help that I can provide and motivate others to provide sop that the money can be used in technology to save tigers. I am in UK and can raise funds to protect Tigers. All i care that money lands in right hands and not in hands of Babus or beaurocrats.Mr Thapar pls let me know what I can do .

At 7:10 AM, Blogger kals said...

I am very much concerned on the sad state of the wildlife protection in India.Would like to support and lend my help to any group of individual with the aim of protecting the wildlife.looking forward for response from groups or individuals.Mr.Thapar ,whole of India is with you and you are our saviour,please bring more awareness and will do myself in promoting this.

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the problem of tiger poachimg is extremely saddening;
the problem is intensified by the fact that there is NO restriction to enter the forests inhabited by the tigers; also by the fact that there are people living in and around tiger sanctuaries;
why, take the case of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, home to the Indian leapord; How many people actually live inside this park?? and there are absolutely NO loepards left here.....This is happening in Mumbai itself;
The tiger estimate i.e census for actual tiger population shows that there are about 4500 in ALL of India. This is also a highly inflated figure...
if something is NOT done now, its all going to be over in 2 years; the solutions:-
1> relocate all people living inside all national parks; people and tigers CANNOT live together;
i don't know how long the govt. will take to realize this;
2> have tight , gun-wieldimg security inside all national parks, and do NOT allow un-retricted access to them;

At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Prasenjeet said...

Hi, I'm passionate about the conservation of the magnificient animal.I'd like to work for the Project Tiger and would help to conserve our very own Wildlife.Looking forward to your positive response.

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous prasenjeet_9997@rediffmail.com said...

Hi, I'm passionate about the conservation of the magnificient animal.I'd like to work for the Project Tiger and would help to conserve our very own Wildlife.Looking forward to your positive response.

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is not only a matter of illegal hunting or even poaching, it is simply that we shouldn´t disturb animals since they´re not disturbing us....in the case of the tiger... it is the high time for us to forget about stupid ambitions and stupid traditions like the one in nepal....where tiger skin is used to make those bloody customes...so it is up to you to give dignity to all the wild life forms which live with us in this almost extinted planet...if you have info on valmik thapar e-mail address..just mail me back

At 4:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hii me and my friend are from mumbai ,21 years of age ,and are animal lovers.We believe in conservation and want to help save one of the most beautiful animal that has walked the earth i.e the tiger.Valmik Thapar has done so much for them and it is very credible.We would be privileged to volunteer for any of his expidetions anywhere.SoIf there are any openings,any such expidetions any need of volunteers you can email me on annie_k10@hotmail.com as I really want to do contribute to something I am so passionate about.If you can give me the email address of Mr. Thapar I would be more than glad to talk to him too thank you.


At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The great words of Mahatma Gandhi "The greatness of a nation and its morale progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" dosent seem to effect the cruel hearted people of india. Sir i have been fascinated by the tiger since my childhood and i would do anything to protect it. Tiger is like God to me and Sir Thapar i would to help you in every possible way for saving the magnificient tiger. Sir i believe you were totally right that people and tiger do not coexist. Sir thapar i think you are the only person who can help me to realise my dreams . Sir please for any help of mine please email me at
Sir i would be waiting for your reply. PLEASE .....

At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anant said...

Saw your interesting post on Valmik Thapar. In the aftermath of the Tiger Task Force 2005 controversy, he spoke to me, and the interview can be found at Discoverwild Foundation's website at "There is a war going on"

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous deana said...

im an environmental management student,i ve been doin research on tiger population in india for the last one year and all i can tell about the whole issue is that mismanagement and corruption is to a large extent responsible for india's inability to save her national animal from extinction.its not that we dont have options,its just we dont wanna use it.the whole issue is just not saddening but really provoking as to government's inability to save a species from being wiped out.i had dreams of returing back to india to serve my country but whn voices of sir Valmik Thapar,sir Ullas Karanth are goin unheard.....i rethink...will someone actually hear mine!

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous swathi soren said...

Hi, I'm 17 yrs, Hyderabad...tigers are much more than just passion for me and it is really sad to say that these magnificient animals are being hunted to extinction inspite of varied efforts of people to conserve and protect them. I have roamed about a lot in order to observe and study the animal all over the country and have also tried my best to get to the roots of the problem and what I have come to know is, that the tiger population in India will continue to decline as long as there is corruption in the country... and I'm saying so because in my last trip to the National Park at Bilaspurwith my parents, I had come across a driver who disclosed to me that the politicians and the rangers in the area, took great pleasure in hunting of lions and tigers in the park. Along with that, he also mentioned to us about what they did with each and every part of the animals and the way in which the animal was literally 'slaughtered' while it was still breathing and all that;he didn't really know whether it happened even now, but he was confident that it did.... and its the same story everywhere...
"SANCTUARY" - A haven, a safe place where one goes for protection,.... sadly, its not true anymore, they'd rather be labelled as "SLAUGHTER HOUSES", to be honest... and perhaps, the zoos are not far behind... its the same story everywhere, for the tiger to be protected, we first really need to change the minds of people, and why only tigers, its the same for every other species, its time that these people realise, that we were all the creations of the same hand, and that we are here for a purpose... so that we protect the meek. Its really not enough just to raise funds or speak out only for the voices to die out again, its time for ideas and action, and help the Tiger before its too late...
By the way, I'm a great admirer of Valmik Thapar, and hope that some day I'll meet him and also that my expeditions and research on the issues that are proving as an obstacle for the Project Tiger might be of some use to him... so I hope some one mails me Mr. Valmik Thapar's e-mail id and (if possible) his house or office address. And if Mr. Thapar, you are reading this, or anyone of his associates, I really can't tell you, how keen I am to volunteer for the Project Tiger... I know you might think I might be too young for all this, but you never know... for I'm confident that if I'm heard.... I'm only here to make my point LOUD AND CLEAR!!! Looking forward for a positive response...
Sir, I really think you are the one who can turn thhis dream into a reality... a dream, that one day, man will learn to give way to his ego and learn to co exist with other creatures peacefully... It would be a great honour, if you find me of any service, for sir, I hope that you believe me, I have travelled to places, spoken to people and I suppose, I really have the key to the answers...Please sir, do give me a chance to serve them, I won't let you down, for I know, how to really send the messege across, LOUD AND CLEAR!! Swathi Soren

P.S: If

At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

read the comments of many people in the concerned article. it also looks that many people are willing to save the tigers. but the govt or ministery not at intrested or they are not also aware of situation. this has only one result. no tigers in india.Once india used to be called land of tigers and now after years it would be india with no tigers. and if after 20 years if the tigers survive in nature with there full respect i would the most happiest guy. what i wrote is what i fear about the future. Hope and i pray for next few centuries more india is called the land of tigers.

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im very worried about the plight of our national animal.It is in the hands of the one's who really care.Firstly,local villagers have to be educated and made aware of the situation.Our leaders need to wake up and take seious steps in saving the TIGER from extinction.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Thappar,
Have been watching a few documentaries with u in them aired on Animal Planet.
Its really sad to c the pride of r nation , ppushed to the brink of extinction through the that reigns our country.

I would like to contribute towards the conservation efforts, mayb monetarily or through actual physical efforts, provided the efforts are put to use in the RIGHT direction.

pls do write to me at :shets10@gmail.com

At 6:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed this entry while surfing the net and thought I'd chime in with some thoughts of my own.

I am now in the UK but grew up in Madhya Pradesh - the state with possibly the largest forest cover in India. I saw tigers in the wild from the time I was six years old. I love the jungles in India and even now when I go back home I make it a point to see them whenever I can.

It is painful to see Government mismanagement destroying India's most precious natural resources. What has always struck me about the forest department staff in the national parks is how poorly equipped they are. I have spoken to forest guards who have been mauled by bears and leopards and they didn't have anything more than a stick to defend themselves.

I hate to admit this but I think the disappearance of the wild tiger from India's jungles is almost a certainty now. India's government machinery is characterised by inefficiency, corruption and nepotism. To expect the government to do anything properly is foolish - if the India's government machinery cannot even arrange for proper drainage systems in the cities and garbage disposal, how can we expect it to save India's wilderness?

I have therefore recently had a very novel and interesting idea. The only way to save the Tiger and to save India's wilderness is to let private owners take over large tracts of land and maintain them - like the private game reserves of South Africa. When a park owner has a vested interest in saving the big cats (because they are a source of tourist revenue), he will invest money in men and equipment to save them. Also, such parks could be given grants by the WWF and other NGOs. At present, the private operators who earn their livelihood from the tigers (the guys who run the hotels outside the parks, the gyspies and so on) have no say in the management of the parks - even though if the Tiger disappeared they will lose their livelihood. The poachers have no stake in the livelihood of these people and they are there just to make money. The government has no real stake in anything because government is all about babus and people saving their own necks and their own fiefdoms. The useless of our “mai baap sarkar” was never more evident.

I have great hope that the Tiger can eventually be saved but it won't be saved by the useless Indian government. If the Tiger is to be saved, it will have to be saved by private initiative. What we therefore need is a change of laws. Currently, it is almost impossible for a private owner/rancher to run a game reserve in India (too much stupid socialism). The laws will have to be changed and conditions will have to be created that will allow big and ambitious rangers from Southern Africa/North America who run game reserves to be interested in India. A game reserve owner who maintains a well run park will attract wealthy tourists from the US and Europe and the enterprise will be economically viable. In addition, the government could impose conditions on the game reserve owners to maintain tiger numbers and not let them fall below certain thresholds. This will allow the Tiger population to stabilise and will also take their destiny out of the hands of the useless, corrupt and incompetent Indian government.

Someone needs to do this at some stage. I have a feeling that private game reserves may pop up in other parts of the world if the Tiger disappears from the wild in India. There is a HUGE market for western tourists who want to see Tigers – most of those tourists currently come to India. When India loses all its wild tigers, there will enormous incentive for game reserves to spring up in other places to cater to this market. I read recently that there were proposals for such reserves in the US and Canada. There was also a proposal at some point for one in Australia (the northern bits of Australia have a climate similar to parts of India). So why are we Indians waiting? We should allow such reserves in India as well.

I have wanted to speak to Valmik Thapar and other conservationists about this idea but have not been able to get their contact details. Does anyone know how to contact them? My e-mail address is aslon05@gmail.com

At 4:13 AM, Anonymous saraba_prasad@yahoo.co.in said...

I am Prasad.S,16yrs,
I would like to contact Mr.Valmik Thapar.Someboby please help me.I would like to make my contribution towards saving tiger.

At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, like every one who has commented in this site, i also want to meet mr.valmik thapar. i am 23 years of age. since i am 20 i am mailing hundreds of forest officers that i am intrested in conservation activities, you people know how many reply i have got 0. thats right no body i mean no body wants to hear what we young gen. wants to say, wants to do. simply by telling that we are the future and we can change the world and does not make any diffrence. We need a chance to do something, to show that we can do . If you people want only corrputed officers then, this will never going to change. Give ous a chance to change the things. I know that overnight every thing cannot be changed, but at least we can try to do some thing instead of doing nothing.
I can understand that we are not tryned, so tryne ous and let so do something. I dont belive thats in this kind of a work even we can protect a rat. leave tiger we cant even protect a rat in this kind of a system. Please i would like to get mail ID of valmik thapar. I know he can do some thing. my mail ID is:

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shame on India, shame on the goverment of India, in the eyes of the world, the goverment and the people will be wholly held responsible for the death of a great and spirutual emblem of the country. It is ironic to see a courty which revers the many gods especially Durga and her convoy the tiger, yet it is the very people of India that are on the verge of destroying this mystical creature from its very existence. In the eyes of the rest fo the world, the lame excuses will fall on deaf ears.
Mr Thapar, we are with you in spirit and support your actions throughout this truamatic time for the tigers of India. We will support in any way we can, as long as the corrupt officals are held accountable for their incompotence.

At 1:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr.thapar you may be a good conserveter for wild life and tiger but you are completly anti of tribals who are real concerveter of forest and tiger.
i am from forest area and by cast gujjar so i know very well that how to protect forest and enviroment and wild life becouse i got this knowledge from my triditions.

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous jennybarrett21@hotmail.com said...

Dear Mr. Thapar. I am tgravelling to India shortly and am very concerned about the state of the tiger population. Is there anything that I can do from Europe to help this precious beast? Also can you tell me where I can see the results of the recent tiger census online?

At 7:06 AM, Blogger rohit said...

Dear Sir

I am a keen wildlifer and wishes to pursue my career in that. Mu huge interest in jungle, love for animals makes me suitable for some role in protecting the wild. I am engr. by profession now. Can you please help me so that I can earn my bread and pursue my interest as well which is just to stay in wild

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tiger is loosing it’s battle for survival, because the few on the side of the Tiger are ill-equipped to fight the challenges of poaching, absence of technology, and the hurdles posted by inadequate attention.

While there is a lot of media attention in the past few weeks, I do not believe that the media, or awareness is enough to remedy the current critical situation. It is probably too little, too late.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) have been used world-wide for wild-life conservation, and forest management for over two decades now. It is a small leap in technology, but the versatility of these little machines, their ability to go at speed on almost any terrain, provides the game wardens the ability to stop poaching, monitor the movement of endangered animals, provide timely rescue and medical facilities, stop deforestation and illegal felling, provide perimeter security, stop environmental crimes and pollution incidents, and explore the innermost area of our jungles.

ATVs are being used by wildlife agencies, and forest services in USA, Australia, Europe and Russia, East Africa, and Canada.

It is my belief that ATVs are the finest asset available to those in the struggle to save the Tiger, and everything else that the Indian wilderness has to offer.

Rusy Kohli

At 12:08 PM, Blogger ninad said...

I am ninad. I am 24 years old and persuing m tech degree. I have a keen interest in wild life conservation. I want to devote myself totally in conservation of tiger. Eagerly waiting for a response from you sir.My email add is: ninadp2006@gmail.com Please respond positively sir

At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sir ,
Iam Nikhil Surve . Have Seen you On television many times . Iam happy that ur doing a great job in saving the great indian tigers & also for other wild life . But at the same time iam sad that our govt is doing very little for the tigers . Just worry that one we will be able to see tigers only in movies and books . I really feel for the current condition of the Royal Animal . I believe that people like you would save tigers from extinction . Mr. Thapar kindly let me Know if I Could do something for Tigers .
My email ID is nikhil_surve80@yahoo.co.in

At 12:25 PM, Blogger hari said...

Iam really inspired by ur work.Iam really interested in tiger conservation.Recently i visited kanha national park and tigers have facinated me even more.Iam 18 years old and iam not in a position to render any financial help but can do any voluntary work regarding this.I also have this problem of educating people.Iam able to educate people like my brother who hads some interest and i tell him to watch many documentaries and the message has reached him.But what about my friends,mother,father.....the list goes on.these people dont seem to understand the beauty and the danger the species is facing.Please suggest a solution for this.also keep me posted about any voluntary works.Iam looking forward to it

At 3:52 AM, Blogger pallav said...

Hi Sir,
I am Pallav from Guwahati.I am very much concerned with the recent poaching as well as deforestation going on all over the world.It's my dream to work with you sir, and contribute from my side to protect the wildlife.my email id is: pallav4r@yahoo.co.in
looking forward for your positive response sir...

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sir ,
Iam Nikhil Surve . This is second time that I am posting u my comment . As u r doing a great job in conversing tigers and other wildlife . I also want to join as wildlife conservator like u because I have very deep feelings in my heart for the present condition of the tigers . A day should not come that we will show our children tigers only in books and movies .
So kindly tell me how can Join Tiger Conservation .
Lesser than 1500 tigers are left in India and I dont want tiger to be extinguished from India .
So Please help me in joining Tiger Conservation .
My email id is nikhil_surve80@yahoo.co.in

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Sacchi said...

Ihope this site is active. We are the brink of another Tiger Reserve in the making.Mudumalai-as Valmik Thapar alleges is one of the greatest habitat for the TIGER. It is put on hold by a small community, the Masinagudi Panchayat. We need Valmik Thapar here in Mudumalai, right here right NOW. This is an SOS call from us committed citizens. For 3 decades we are witness to lack of Governance, Corrupt Forest Officials.
The second alarming feature are the Tibetan Colonies in the NILGIRI BIOSPHERE.
We need Valmik Thapar to help SC orders.We,the citizens are clueless.

At 4:18 AM, Blogger Prashant said...


Sir i hope this message of mine reaches you. I am based in Dehradun, I am a class I officer under Ministry of Defence.
Under the aegis of Army, we are going to host north India's biggest environmental awareness awaikning programme. More than five hundred children from the leading public Schools of India are participating in this programme. There are may eminent consevationist are also participating in it. I wanted you to grace the occasion and to enlighten the people of Dehradun.
I find it difficult to locate your email Address. Please reply so i can atleat apprise you the magnitude of the programme.

Officer In-charge
'Conservation Festival'
Rashtriya Indian military college DehraDun

At 10:40 PM, Blogger DUK(did u know) said...

please can anyone email me Mr Valmiki Thapar's email id . its urgent . i shall be greatful to u all for having so much concern for the tigers. its high time we must act and save them .
i have searched net enough but could not find it . will try from ranthambore too.

anyone who has it please mail it to
regards Dharmendra

At 9:37 PM, Blogger puneet said...

Hi, I have tried many times to contact Mr.Valmik but could't suceeded.I am a software engg. but I am more concerned with wild life..And tigers are one of the best and beautiful animal seems to me...
Its very horryfying and inhumane to se poaching of our national animal..I really feel very bad but cant do anything But I want to many many things for these lovely creatures.....I want to be assist scientist or persons doing this wonderful job.....I respect all those people who are saving lives of these animals...........
Sir ,Plz if you will read this please reply me i will be a very active volunteer of your team...sir I use to convey massage to others save wild life......
Please help me to find e-mail id of Valmik sir.....

At 9:42 PM, Blogger puneet said...

MY E-MAIL ID IS puneesha@gmail.com

At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Mahes said...

Hi, I'm Mahes. First I thank for all the personals who are struggling to save the Magnificent creature of this planet and especially my Hero "Valmik". Please let me know the Email ID of my Hero....If any one knows,Please forward it to me "g.mahes5@gmail.com"

At 2:57 AM, Blogger ravinder said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 3:06 AM, Blogger ravinder said...

Hi,Mr.Thaper I am Ravinder and i am from delhi. I am a 3d visualizer by profession, I am highly impress with u and your effereds to save our national animal tiger. For being an indian its also my duty to do so, and follow your path. I live in Rohini, I would love to be a member of this movement. What can i do first let me know, my email id is (ravinder1124@gmail.com).

At 10:06 AM, Blogger amitayu said...

I am a software engineer by profession. I just started my career but it was never my interest. I always wanted to be a wildlife biologist. Can you suggest what course should I do or can I join any organization for hands on experience. I am ready to change my career at this point of time. Please mail me at amitayudey.it@gmail.com if anything can be done from my side.
Waiting for your reply.

Amitayu Dey

At 9:55 AM, Anonymous prant said...

sir, can i please have your id after ur involvment in TTF i think theres no impact 1 of the reasons may b thats its nt as strong as project tiger.....1 of ma request is to please provide rifles to forest guard and allotment of forest guard more from the tirbal..or locals . as due to ma survey in rajaji ,khana and especially ranthambore....guards are terribly beaten by pochers even if they spot them. even 5 are killed last year allong allotment of 4 wleers to guards....as they do their job walking they can togetherly encounter pochers .....so ma jst humble request if to maintain pressure on govt. as a mem. of TTF u can rightly talk to dr.manmohan singh please sir and if u read this i wanna especially disscuss some matters with u

email prantpatel2003@yahoo.com

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Navin said...

I am a great fan of you but a greater fan of tigers.
I have closely followed wild life documentaries across the world but am still most fascinated by the tiger & the rare footages you have captured of them. I would love to contribute in someway to your dedicated cause which i have being following for all these years.I am originally from mumbai & will be visiting India in August. Please advise if i can contribute in any which way to your great cause. It would be a great pleasure /honour if me & my wife Radhika can visit you during that time, anywhere in India.
God bless! Keep up the great work.....I do believe i can contribute in some way cause i see similar passion in me about your beliefs!

Once again , i am a great fan of whatever you have achieved in regards to this cause

Warm Regards

Navin Kewalramani

Tel: 23-41-7751060

At 5:38 AM, Blogger jim said...

hi! i am vineet vashist from new delhi, Mr.Thapar i wish to be a part of your team, please let me know how to do so.

At 2:40 AM, Blogger Ginni said...

Mr. Thapar,
i want to join tiger watch, wanna save this beautiful animal, am 24years old, living in Jaipur, belong to Gwalior(M.P.)my email id is ginnijain2@gmail.com

How can i join, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mail me.
i am very much interested sir....

At 2:41 AM, Blogger Ginni said...

Mr. Thapar,
i want to join tiger watch, wanna save this beautiful animal, am 24years old, living in Jaipur, belong to Gwalior(M.P.)my email id is ginnijain2@gmail.com

How can i join, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mail me.
i am very much interested sir....

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi mr.thapar its really wonderful that for nearlly 3 decades you have been passionately involved with protection of the wild in most parts of india i really appriciate your dedication,interest and initiative.you ve been a great source of inspiration to people like me who want the future generation to see tiger in the wild.and to protect our national animal i ll do all that i can.save tiger, save our pride

At 6:56 AM, Blogger Subharik Chatterjee said...

sir ,
m a normal simple boy from kolkata.m a software engineear...sir .i need u despertly....want 2 tel u somthig spcl...not getig yor id....after seeig d present senario m only can cry cry and cry...if u get this text plz help me sir...i need u desperately...riks.utopia@gmail.com

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Shiva said...

Hi friends
it is nice to hear you all having so much of concern on wildlife.I believe each and every citizen should work towards saving our wildlife. I personally feel creating awareness is the key. By Jaya 'Jayasdigi@yahoo.co.in'


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