Monday, March 21, 2005

Birth pangs of a speech

The charming prince of Bharathavarsha delivered a baby speech yesterday. The baby is healthy, though its weight was a little bit on the higher side. Both the father and the kid are doing well. A long line of rishis, led by Somnath Chatterjee, the great one, blessed and patted the father-speech pair. All of you, spread the word and distribute sweets!

This was coming. The wait was a bit long though. Indeed the willingness to conceive came only after many prayers and pujas by the Congress prajas. Persuations and prayers of the old sages and local chieftains finally found result -- the Lordess signalled the son green: "you may go ahead and conceive now". This was exactly a year ago. The royal MSM do not seem to have noticed this anniversary. But the Locana sees these trivia (apologies for trivialising great anniversaries). It's not for nothing that I'm named Locana!

The actual conception took place two months later, towards the end of May 2004. The father was healthy throughout, and no extraordinary check-ups were required during this period. Count the months, and I notice that the birth is delayed by two or three weeks. Perhaps there was a celestial intervention in order to make the birth mark the first anniversary of the decision to coneive, we do not know. As they say, "All's well that ends well".


At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, too early perhaps to talk about something having ended (and ended well) - not that the post lacked style :)

tarun tejpal, for one, has high hopes for rahul gandhi - saying he is "intelligent without being talkative and sincere without being melodramatic". tejpal also has said that rahul is THE choice of the poor folk and is a 'lambi race ka ghoda'.

the saga of deliveries (and deliverances) is just beginning to unfold...

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Anand said...

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At 8:39 AM, Blogger Anand said...

the saga of deliveries just beginning to unfold... May he be the father of a thousand (such) speeches!

Someone asked me whether I deliberately ITALYcized a lot of words in this post. No, that wasn't deliberate!


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