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An Agenda for Kerala's Development: 2006 - 2015

The A.K. Gopalan Centre for Research and Studies in Thiruvanathapuram, an institute of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), is organising an international conference on "An Agenda for Kerala's Development: 2006 - 2015", which starts today. They had organized a conference in 1994, and one outcome of that conference is the now successfully implemented democratic decentralization of administration called the "People’s Plan Campaign". That the quality of local governance has improved due to the effective decentralization is there for everyone to see.

Naturally those who are interested in Kerala Studies attach a lot of importance to this conference and the debates to be followed irrespective of their political and ideological leanings and affiliations. M.A. Baby, who's the director of the centre writes about the People’s Plan Campaign:
    This campaign involved one of the most radical schemes of financial devolution to local bodies and importantly, mobilized a mass movement in support of democratic decentralization. Our development policy has since then become more environment and gender sensitive. We have also started to give greater thrust to knowledge and service intensive industries.
The open invitation to attend the conference continues:
    The period we are discussing has also witnessed an acceleration of the process of imperialist globalization across the world. In the developing world, globalization has led to sharply widening inequalities and a large-scale impoverishment of the majority. The increased dependence on the flow of global finance capital has limited the possibilities of an autonomous path of development for developing countries. In such a situation, we realize that the struggle against globalization would require an engagement with the existing world realities.

    In this context, we at the AKG Centre for Research and Studies feel that the time has come where certain major decisions have to be taken to give a new thrust and direction to the development policies in Kerala. We have marked our tasks: accelerate economic growth; overcome the productivity barriers in agriculture and traditional industries; reap the possibilities of new growth sectors like Information Technology, Biotechnology and Tourism, improve the quality of services and address the second generation problems related to our past successes; integrate the yet remaining marginalized sections into the mainstream development process; move towards the eradication of absolute poverty; overcome the looming environmental crisis; and achieve greater gender justice. In doing so, we recognize that we have to engage with today’s global capitalist system.

    On the tenth anniversary of the International Congress on Kerala Studies, we are attempting to review our experience in development over the last ten years, and attempt to produce a comprehensive document on the developmental agenda for the State for the next one decade. We intend to place a draft of the agenda document in this web site for discussion among scholars, activists and people at large. To discuss the draft document and finalise it, we are convening an international conference on AN AGENDA FOR KERALA’S DEVELOPMENT: 2006 - 2015 between the 9th and 11th of December 2005 in Thiruvananthapuram. In a sense, this will be the completion of an intellectual process that we initiated in 1994.

Here's the draft of the agenda document.


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good,I hope something would come out of this.And wont go this way.

Valedictory session

Confirmed participants:
Oommen Chandy
Prakash Karat,
Prabhat Patnaik,
Manik Sarkar (Chief Minister, Tripura)
Pinarayi Vijayan

What is OC doing here?OK, "sportsman spirit" is common in bourgeoise politics but used to be rather unknown in...

At 10:23 PM, Anonymous SloganMurugan said...

Now that they can smell power, the commies are actully planning to change. Must be the Buddha effect. Impressive. Looks like a soft election campaign to win over the commie haters.

Lal salaam

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The usual hot air from the commissars and comrades. Never fear, the workers' paradise is near! The best these worthies can do is simply keep out of the way. Homeopathy it doesn't cure but doesn't hurt either!

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Neela said...


You have simply got to love any conference where one of the organizers goes by the name "MA Baby"!!


At 4:04 AM, Blogger pennathur said...

Looks like a soft election campaign to win over the commie haters. Hardly with harsh words like these "increased struggle against globalization". When one reads the real history of communism it is impossible to be anything but a commie hater; 30 million dead in China and about 10 million dead in the USSR and the Indian Communist/Stalinist/Socialist rate of economic growth because of which these comrades are having to finally throw in the towel and fling some brave words. TVR Shenoy wrote with tourism being the most important sector of Kerala's economy the state's descent into the ranks of the exotic underdeveloped regions of the world is complete. The commissars and comrades as one can see are talking about tourism as well. With the left loons having taken over the administration in the state (they even settle civil disputes) and being deeply entrenched in a range of businesses from petty extortion to hospitals and colleges, we can expect an unofficial plan to set up commie run amusement parks, resorts etc (while we hope the red rascals won't burn down reptilariums). Funny the the pompously named AKG Centre isn't talking about the Water Park scandal. The Commie business empire in India is estimated to be in the 100s (if not 1000s) of crores. You must have heard of that red rag - aka Malayalam edition of "Peoples' Democracy" - who was fired for having criticised one of India's Dear Leaders.
Thankfully Indian enterprise is now exceedingly mobile and doesn't have to genuflect before two bit hucksters like these commies.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger pennathur said...

Capital we understand. What is finance capital and what is global finance capital? Does the capital raised by Indian companies in India deployed abroad count as global finance capital? Or is it when the profits are made abroad are invested in India it becomes global finance capital? And how different is this capital from the capital brought in by global firms? What are these new economic categories that these deep thinkers are dreaming up? Or maybe a conference that starts this badly can't but improve!

At 8:05 AM, Blogger pennathur said...

The 13th Party Congress of the CPI(M) was held in Tiruvananthapuram in the last week of December 1988. By the end of 1989 communism/marxism in Europe was trashed for good. Every crank/crackpot who attends this "conference" on "Kerala's development agenda" shd check out this simply written article from Wiki on the Berlin Wall

At 11:50 AM, Blogger pennathur said...

Cut out that boring stuff about Kerala's development. Fast (East) forward to West Bengal.
Bengal, Ganguly & elections. An interesting thing for what it says about the deterioration of WB thanks to the commies.

T V R Shenoy | December 16, 2005 | 18:13 IST

Gurudas Dasgupta is appearing on every television news channel as I write...But doesn't Gurudas Dasgupta have anything better to talk about?...The truth is that Bengal has very few heroes left today. Once, Kolkata was the fountainhead of the Indian renaissance...

URL for this article:

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At 9:50 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Finally the "COMMUNIST" pinheads of KERALA has come to their right senses. No longer can these communist pinheads and their crony politics can stop the people from educating themselves, and empowering themselves to change their state. Kerala has a bright future if these OLD MARXISIST retards go away for good. They need some fresh blood to take power and change their way of doing business. People in India are truely free at last. The internet and the mobil revolution has transformed peoples mentality. No longer indians feel like British Coolies. British bullshitt has come to an END.


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