Monday, January 10, 2005

And my votes go to ...

Voting has started for the IndiBlog awards. My votes:

  • Best Indiblog: Amardeep Singh.
    I've been reading Amardeep's blog since last August. I really enjoy his posts. He is passionate about what he writes.
  • Best Group IndiBlog: Sepia Mutiny.
    I've been to this site a few times. Plus many blogs that I read regularly have said positive things about it.
  • Best IndiBlog directory/service: Kamat Blogportal.
    Great service.
  • Best Topical IndiBlog: The Acorn.
    Nitin's blog is just great. If you are interested in day-to-day South Asian affairs, you can't possibly ignore this site. I also like the Acorn's overall appearance. It's another matter that I often disagree with his viewpoints.
  • Best New IndiBlog: India uncut.
    Recently I came to know about Amit's blog. Very good work.
  • Best Designed: Sepia Mutiny.
    I quickly skimmed through the listed ones. I liked its appearance more.
  • Indiblog Lifetime achiever: Vikas Kamat.
    He's a veteran and deserves this award.


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