Sunday, December 26, 2004

2004 - Summing Up

  • Taught undergraduate courses for the first time in the spring semester. That was a very pleasant experience. I never thought I would enjoy teaching to that extent till then. Now sometimes I miss teaching!
  • Wrote three papers. Workwise, this was a good year.
  • Started blogging. I think it doesn't naturally come to me. I often envy most of the blogs that I read for their effortless style. Wonder how long I'll blog. Will try to do it for another year at least!
  • R joined a new company, and moved to Bombay.
  • Best book (that I read in 2004): A House for Mr. Biswas.
  • Best movie: No Man's Land.
  • Best blog: Amardeep Singh.
  • Best post: Putu's Literary Saga with Happy Ending.
  • My own post that I liked the most: How old is Lucy?
  • Happiest event: Indian election results on the 13th of May. Especially BJP losing many seats in Gujarat - the Hindutva lab.
  • Saddest event: Yesterday's Tsunami.
I'm off to Hyderabad for New Years. May not blog from there. A very happy new year to all!


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