Monday, November 01, 2004

Locana's lacunae

I read about Lessing's Laocoon on the net after reading Alex's poem. Laocoon reminds me of Parikshit, Janamejaya's father, who was killed by the great serpent Takshaka. Janamejaya conducts the Sarpa Satra to wipe out the snake species from the face of the earth. Arun Kolatkar takes this thread from the Mahabharata to analyse the logic of vengeance in his 'Sarpa Satra'. I read Kolatkar in the evening. Back to Alex's poem:

"Laokoon fret of free will
The lokana's lakunae."

The lacuna in viewing? Perhaps two and two do not add up to four, unless the process of addition takes place fast enough? Perhaps I do not understand. A(nother) gap in understanding. "The Locana's lacunae"!


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