Monday, September 06, 2004

Random quotes

"I don't want to adjust to another language. This is the United States. I think they ought to adjust to us." (William Schaefer, former Maryland Governer, Democrat)

"I reject the idea of multiculturalism. Once you get into this multicultural crap, this bunk, you run into a problem." (Robert Ehrlich Jr., Maryland Governer, Republican)

"What do they call it? Multi-culti... .It's all absurd you know. I think if a man picks himself up and comes to another country he must meet it halfway... He can't say `I want the country, I want the laws and the protection, but I want to live in my own way'. It's wrong. It's become a kind of racket, this multiculturalism." (V.S. Naipaul)


At 11:01 PM, Blogger said...

Retrograde and xenophobic. Multiculturalism is not merely an idea, it is reality. Those who argue for English-only--and those who fantasise of the virginal purity of any language for that matter--should examine the diverse linguistic roots of English, which include the Celtic, Germanic, Norman French, Latin and Greek--not to mention what it has taken from the languages of previously colonised nations in the course of its imperial domination of what is now termed the 'Third World'. As a consequence, countless words of Arabic, Asian, African and Native American 'origin' are used in standard English without the realisation on the part of most users of their actual derivation. Thus English would never have acquired its current international standing without the multicultural influences that these individuals so hypocritically and reactionarily condemn.


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