Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blog Quake Day

Today is blog quake day. Check out DesiPundit for helpful links to contribute. Also check out the South Asia Quake Help blog.

Here's PM's National Relief Fund. PM's appeal is here:

    Neither nature's fury nor human compassion recognizes political boundaries. It is in our culture to help one's own and one's neibhours in an hour of need.

    The Central Government is extending all cooperation and assistance to the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to provide relief and enable rehabilitation. The Government of India has also offered help and assistance to the Government of Pakistan.

    I am sure Indian civil society will step forward to the relief and rehabilitation effort. I appeal to every concerned citizen of our Republic to donate generously to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund to help us help those in need.

You can contribute online here.


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