Saturday, December 04, 2004

News from Panaji

News from Panaji somehow brings a vague sense of disquiet. The other day Nikhat Kazmi remarked that "Shwaas" is nothing but melodrama -- melodrama of the Karan Johar variety. The next day Farrukh Dhondy says Indian audiences and film makers are not mature enough (to spot shades of grey between black and white).

Interesting that Nikhat Kazmi cannot appreciate Shwaas, but found Lagaan much better than "No Man's Land". Interesting that while Kazmi makes careless remarks about Shwaas being pure melodrama -- imitating a Karan Johar? -- she is being accused of plagiarism. Also interesting that Dhondy is now speaking about maturity! After all, not much time has passed since he told this to William Dalrymple:

    "Come on Willy, get a ball transplant and say so, if that's what you and your Indian dilettante circuit think."
Dhondy and Nikhat Kazmi are perhaps birds of the same feather. For instance, Dhondy thinks Sonia Gandhi and Dalrymple are "invaders", and Kazmi looked comfortable with the proposition that Akbar built Fatehpur Sikri over a temple. Both of them tend to possess a rather exclusionary viewpoint.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger amitsinha said...

I never wanted to write about Nikhat Kazmi on my blog , but I am forced to write and pour my heart out .
She praises almost all the stupid movies, assigns exaggerated rating to movies, and writes in such diplomacy that irritates the people who read the film reviews.There have been many instances when she has written a good review and the film turns out to be totally crap.
Let me share an example, the recent movie:Tom Dick and Harry . she gave a rating of 2, whereas all other film critic wanted to rate it as negative. Read the review of TDH by Masand on CNN-IBN Live and
She has also given Fanaa , a rating of 3.5 . All other reviews of Fanaa rate it as 2-3.
Just look at the words she uses, directly from horses mouth ,oops. (Horses or Donkey ,u decide)
"Fanaa is a film that showcases Aamir as never before"
Madam , how can u forget Rangeela,Sarfarosh,Dil Chahta Hai.
Read her last lines"The film may not be a chatpata entertainer but there is an elegant charm and straight from the heart feel which makes it worth a dekko.Just don't go looking for fun and faltu timepass."
What a diplomatic sentence, ohh.
At last , Madam I am a big fan of Aamir, bigger fan of Kajol and like Yash Johar movies, but I cant buy anything crap you write .
I am relived and now will never read Nikhat Kazmi film review.


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