Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Kerala nun attacks and Mr. Ahamed

The September 25th attack on nuns in Kerala has been widely reported in the media. Here is the BBC report on the incident.

Mr. E. Ahamed is a minister in the union cabinet. In fact he is the lone representative of Kerala there. When asked about the attack on nuns, this is what he had to say: "Without knowing all the facts of the case, I cannot comment on the incident." He refused to simply condemn the incident then. After ten days, today, he has condemned the incident. He said: "It is disturbing. The matter should be dealt sternly, otherwise such things can foment communal trouble." What he said now is right. But I wonder why he took ten days to make this statement. The height of playing it safe.

Incidentally Ahamed also represents my parliament constituency --the constituency where I have the right to vote.


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