Monday, November 15, 2004

Letter from Stirling

From R's e-mail:

    Edinburgh and Inverness were very very interesting. Saturday morning we left early -- planned to leave at 7:30 but actually left at 8, thanks to some people having no time sense. Anyway, we left at 8:00 and went through lots and lots of beautiful spots. The nature was at its best. It has just snowed the previous day, so that was lovely. Scotland can be divided into two parts based on landscape - highlands and lowlands. Stirling, Glasgow, etc. are in lowlands and north of Stirling is highlands. The border town is called Callandar. It was a very beautiful sight to see the landscape changing so dramatically within a few miles. We had a lovely time there, and some in-van entertainment offered by a super cozy (& crazy) couple. We came back home at about 7:30, and then went to an Italian place to have dinner. The couple went elsewhere I think!

    Yesterday, A and I went to Edinburgh. Again that was a beautiful trip. I didn't enjoy it as much as Glasgow though. Glasgow's architecture was simply breathtaking. Well, Edinburgh was great too... lots of history. Sean Connery grew up in Edinburgh and posed for the art studio there, JK Rowling wrote her first book in a coffee shop there, Conan Doyle went to the medical school there, poet Robert Burns grew up there, and so on. A quaint town, very old, lots of history. We took a bus tour of the place, and then went and saw the Scottish parliament. That's an interested building, one needs to have sound architectural sense to appreciate it. I thought it was an unfinished building under construction first!

    Okay, so all in all the trip was good. Oh, forgot, on Friday evening, A and I went over and watched Bridget Jones Diary 2. The movie was good, but that wasn't the best part. The best part was that the 300 seater hall was full, and it was full of women! There were hardly any men there -- maybe 10. It was spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed it, as you can imagine!


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